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A well-written report on the board will help a committee effectively communicate with the board. Effective reports require careful evaluation of the best way to structure the report and the best way to present it to ensure board members have the information they need to make informed decisions on behalf of the business.

Writing a report for a board can be a struggle for certain. However when you take the proper method, it is possible to write engaging and informative reports from committees that will help in informed decision-making and provide efficient oversight. The following are some of the essential elements to keep in mind when preparing a report for your board.

1. It is essential to clearly define the goal of your report, according to Barbara Anderson, non-executive director and chair of four different boards. This is vital to the success of a board paper and will tell your readers who are busy whether you’re writing for their input, inform them or seek their opinion.

2. Avoid using a lot of technical language, and be sure of the meaning of the information you share. Board members are juggling a lot and will likely read your report ahead of the meeting to form their questions, so they must be able to absorb visit the information quickly and efficiently.

3. Provide a clear analysis and interpretation of the data that you are presenting. Data alone does not tell the whole story; it needs to be presented with analysis and interpretation to provide an understanding to the numbers. This will help the board members to grasp the positives as well as the challenges the company faces.

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